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Scene from "Herbstmilch"

Germany at the end of the 1920s. After her mother’s death, the 8-year-old Anna has to take over the household duties for the large family. Because of all her work, she doesn’t have any time for school. Ten years later, Anna meets the young farmer Albert. After they get married, Anna moves to Albert’s family farm, but shortly thereafter, Alfred is called to war duty. Once again, Anna is all alone, and her mother-in-law doesn’t make things any easier for her.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1989
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
Screenplay Willi Segler, Peter Steinbach
Cinematography Joseph Vilsmaier
Cast Dana Vávrová, Werner Stocker, Claude Oliver Rudolph, Eva Mattes, Albert Wimschneider
Producer Joseph Vilsmaier
Production Company Perathon Film/Munich
Runtime 111 min
Format 35 mm

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