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“Nemez” means “The German”. This is how 20-year old Dima is called by his boss, art thief Georgij. After a failed burglary into the flat of a coin collector, Nemez is sent to a juvenile detention center. Once released, he wants to make a fresh start.

The outside world has changed, though. Dima’s girlfriend has left him. His father perceives the family’s life in Germany as a failure and wants to return to Russia. On top of this, Georgij is asking for the return of a precious coin, which disappeared without a trace after Dima’s arrest.

Dima is depressed, down in the dumps. How can he leave the past behind? How will he find the energy for a fresh start? His mother finds him a job in the mansion where she works as a cleaner. There he falls in love with art student Nadja. Her parents and ex-boyfriend want to stop her from being in a relationship with a criminal. Nadja, however, believes in the “new” Dima.

Their love is put to a major test when Nadja’s college professor gets killed in an armed robbery organized by Georgij’s gang. Nadja thinks Dima was involved in the crime. Dima wants to prove his innocence.

During the robbery of an icon, Dima arranges for Georgij to be caught by the police. In the process, he puts his life at risk and returns to Nadja severely injured. His love for her finally provides him with a sense of home.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2012
Director Stanislav Güntner
Screenplay Stanislav Güntner, Alexei Mamedov
Cinematography Bernhard Keller
Cast Mark Filatov, Emilia Schüle, Alex Brendemühl, Kai-Michael Müller, Katerina Poladjan, René Erler, Michael Lott, Ruth Hornemann, Michael Schweighöfer, Jurij Rosstalnyj, Detlef Bothe
Producers Maximilian Plettau, Torben Maas, Christian Füllmich
Production Companies filmschaft maas & füllmich/Grünwald, Nominal Film/Munich, ZDF
Runtime 93 min
Festivals Hof 2012, Bogota 2012, Rhode Island 2013, Festroia 2014
Awards Best Film Bogota 2012

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