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© ARD Degeto / ORF / MonaFilm / Square One / P. Brozsek

To protect his 17-year-old son from the dead- ly revenge of a ruthless drug cartel after a hit- and-run accident, a righteous judge and loving father throws all his moral values overboard and unintentionally unleashes an avalanche of lies, manipulation and violence that drags him and his loved ones deeper and deeper into the abyss. People – including innocent people – die.

For the judge there is now no turning back...
Genre Thriller
Category Series
Director David Nawrath
Screenplay David Marian, David Nawrath
Cast Lena Kalisch, Taddeo Kufus, Sebastian Koch, Tobias Moretti, Paula Beer, Ursula Strauss, Sascha Geršak, Rainer Bock
Producer Al Munteanu
Co-Producers Gerald Podgomig, Thomas Hroch
Production Company SquareOne Entertainment, in co-production with MonaFilm Produktion GmbH, ARD Degeto
With backing from Austrian Television Fund, Cine Tirol Film Commission