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photo © Filmgalerie 451

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2016

There are streets, paths, motorways, alleys, sandy paths and promenades. And there are also life paths, dry stretches, crossroads and cul-de-sacs.... Director Heinz Emigholz's latest project sees him combining various elements of his previous films as he focuses on streetscapes as well as the buildings of the late Uruguayan engineer and architect Eladio Dieste and the Berlin-based architect Arno Brandlhuber. This is Emigholz's first film to have three performers appearing on camera – the Argentinian filmmaker Jonathan Perel, the German actress-screenwriter Natja Brunckhorst, and the American actor John Erdman – and featuring a continuous, analytical text.
Genre Experimental
Category Documentary
Director Heinz Emigholz
Screenplay Heinz Emigholz
Producer Frieder Schlaich
Production Company Filmgalerie 451

World Sales
Filmgalerie 451 Filmproduktion OHG