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Scene from "Vinzent" (photo © Vinzent Film)

Vinzent is on the edge of his nerves, trapped in Kafkaesque surroundings. He stumbles through a maze of distorted staircases and eerie inhabitants, trying to discover exactly where his girlfriend’s screams are coming from.

Trapped in a sinister apartment building, he wanders through its dark hallways, and through a strange world where he has absolutely no control. He cannot even explain himself, and cannot see anything as a whole, only fragments – of himself, of plots, and of characters and their connections to one another.

In this world, thoughts and memories echo as loudly as voices and screams. And as Vinzent roams the building, there is an acute sense that there are different presences within it. There is always more than one pair of eyes observing a scene – the eyes of a keyhole, of a camera, of menacing statues. We view the world from these changing perspectives as they slowly paint a picture of the apartment block.

Vinzent’s search for his girlfriend is like one of those nightmares where you search for something, but through confusing twists and turns gradually forget where your quest began. A mysterious Gothic thriller, Vinzent plays on our childhood fears of the dark and the unknown, whilst also exploring the themes of identity, anxiety and paranoia.
Genre Fantasy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2004
Director Ayassi
Screenplay Michael Wallner
Cinematography Daniel Gottschalk
Ingo Fried, Andreas Mueller, External Harddrive
Isabel Ott
Cast Detlef Bothe, Anna Thalbach, Thomas Bestvater, Karin Baal, Bernd Tauber, Ingeborg Westphal, Cornelia Lippert, Tabea Heyning
Producer Ayassi
Production Companies Vinzent Film/Berlin, Ayassi Entertainment/Berlin
Runtime 98 min
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Shanghai 2004, Viarregio 2004, Raindance 2004, Hollywood 2004, Hof 2004, Rhode Island 2005, Pouchon 2005, Fantasporto 2005, Fantasporto 2010
Awards Discovery Award Hollywood 2005, Critics' Award Fantasporto 2005
German Distributor Kinostar Filmverleih

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