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Twisted Sister (Schwesterherz)

Twisted Sister
Scene from “Schwesterherz” (photo © Egoli Tossell Film)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2006

Anne’s life appears perfect. She is young, beautiful and has a high-powered job in the music industry. But a holiday with her much younger sister forces her to rethink her priorities and values. What is more important, Prada or God?

“I wrote this script with Johanna Adorján,” says Heike Makatsch, “because we believe that Anne’s story is an honest depiction of the problem facing a new generation: a generation that avoids any kind of further development because the preservation of youth is treated as its most valued commodity.”

Makatsch, one of the hottest actresses working in today’s German and international cinema (her credits include Love Actually, Das Wunder von Lengede, Anatomie 2, Resident Evil and Nackt) is aware of the irony. After all, today’s industry and cinema values youth ‘ueber alles’.

“I can tell you,” Makatsch avers, “that I and many girlfriends of mine recognize ourselves in the character of Anne and have so greatly wished the film industry would tackle this subject – the lack of identity for women after they are no longer girls.”

Schwesterherz marks her second collaboration with director Ed Herzog, after Almost Heaven, and is the first theatrical feature from journalist Johanna Adorján.

“I’m fascinated by the role age plays for women,” says Adorján. “Today, 13-year-olds wear the same clothes as their mother and listen to the same music. What is there for adult women? What IS an adult woman? What is there for a woman to aspire to in becoming older? Especially when advertising, the media, film stars all say it’s downhill from thirty onwards and she should think seriously about Botox, face lifts and liposuction.”

Producer Judy Tossell was born in England, moved to Berlin to study German and started her career as an assistant, later producer, at Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion. She founded Tossell Pictures in 1996 and merged with Egoli Films in 2001 to form Egoli Tossell Film.

Recent credits include Big Girls Don’t Cry (2002) and Mouth to Mouth (2004). The latter premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival 2005 and took the Best Feature & Jury Prizes at the Brooklyn International Film Festival the same year: the Toronto Globe and Mail called it “exquisite... fresh and alive.” Look for more of the same from Schwesterherz.

Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Ed Herzog
Screenplay Heike Makatsch, Johanna Adorján
Cinematography Sebastian Edschmid
Uta Schmidt
Max Martin Schroeder
Brigitte Schloegel, Emanuel Schleiermacher
Cast Heike Makatsch, Anna Maria Mühe, Marc Hosemann, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Ludwig Trepte, Denis Moschitto, Grischa Huber
Producers Judy Tossell, David Groenewold
Production Company Egoli Tossell Film/Berlin, in co-production with ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel, ARTE, German Filmproduction GFP/Berlin
Shooting Dates Duesseldorf, Cologne, Benidorm/Spain, December 2005 - February 2006
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 2006, Shanghai 2007, Edinburgh 2007, Molodist Kiev 2007
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
German Distributor Timebandits Films/Potsdam

Egoli Tossell Film AG
Jens Meurer, Judy Tossell
Revaler Str. 100
10245 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-2 46 56 50
fax +49-30-24 65 65 24