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Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet & The Cello

Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet & The Cello
"Ten Thousand Years Older" Werner Herzog's episode of "Ten Minutes Older"

Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet & The Cello are two compilation films, combining 15 ten-minute films, unique in the history of cinema about the most universal of all subjects: time.

Each of the 15 directors has been given exactly ten minutes on the screen for their vision. With complete creative freedom, the directors bring their own personal interpretation of "time" to the screen. Using the technology of film in innovative, provocative ways, Ten Minutes Older takes in all human experience: birth, death, love, sex, the drama of the moment, history and ancient myth; and a great variety of locations all over the world. Combined together in two compilation films, their individual work gains new meaning and presents an intriguing and exciting experience for all film goers.
Genre Art
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Directors Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, Volker Schlöndorff
Paul Englishby, Hugh Masekela, Claudio Bohórquez
Producers Ulrich Felsberg, Nicolas McClintock, Nigel Thomas
Production Companies Road Movies , Odyssey Films/London, Matador Pictures/London
Format 35 mm, color, b&w
 multiple langauges
Subtitled Versions English, French
Sound Technology Dolby SRD
Festivals (The Trumpet) Cannes 2002, San Sebastian 2002, Edinburg 2002, Woodstock 2002, Taipei 2002 (The Cello) Venice 2002, Toronto 2002, San Sebastian 2002, New York 2002

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