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Still Moving

Still Moving
Scene from "Still Moving"

Felix would be well on his way towards becoming the most hip DJ of Hamburg‚s club scene. Yet, unluckily enough, he falls out with the powerful concert manager Leo Kappel. Consequently he has to accompany the American country singer Willy Freeze on his Germany tour as his personal assistant. A cruel revenge in fact, because the supposedly legendary Willy Freeze, much to Leo's disappointment, turns out to be a flop after his first concert and falls from the stage totally drunk. After this letdown, Leo, who assured Willy Freeze‚s manager he would organise an entire Germany tour, can't do any more than palm this down-at-heel singer off to small-scale provincial concert promoters. But, even in the provinces, Felix keeps touring from one catastrophe to the next with Willi Freeze, whose music he actually hates. Until, all of a sudden, Willy Freeze's manager turns up at Leo Kappel's in Hamburg and wants to take his "boy" back to Nashville straightaway. In fact, Willy Freeze's old hit "Bury the bottle with me" has climbed up the US charts thanks to a jeans TV commercial where his song plays in the background ...
Category Feature
Director Niki Stein von Kamienski
Screenplay Jacki Engelken
Cinematography Wolfgang Aichholzer
Nina Ergang
Axel Hacke, Jacki Engelken
Cast Sandra Speichert, Jochen Nickel, Leonard Lansink, Kai Wiesinger, Hansa Czypionka
Producer Thomas Burnhauser
Production Company F+B Entertainment/Munich, in co-production with ProSieben Productions/Munich
Runtime 92 min
Format 35 mm, color
German Distributor Columbia TriStar Film/Munich