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Sky Kisses The Mountains, The (Himmel kuesst die Berge, Der)

Sky Kisses The Mountains, The

Der Himmel kuesst die Berge is a biographically influenced music film about the most important figures in folk music operetta: Maria Hellwig and her daughter Margot. The popular duo come from Reit im Winkl. Maria has been running the Der Kuhstall inn there for thirty years. Their fans stream here - usually by the coach load - from all parts of Germany to experience the two at close range and in their home setting. Maria and Margot themselves sell a whole range of fan articles in the kiosk in front of the Kuhstall: therm-ometers, key rings, coffee cups decorated with the portraits of the two yodellers. Once a year, Addi Hellwig, Maria's manager and husband, gets behind the wheel of his Mercedes and drives mother and daughter to their fans throughout Germany. On this occasion, it is the tour of "Alpine Christmas" which they are performing every day in the four weeks running up to Christmas Eve. With the aid of artificial Advent scents and backdrops of Bavarian Christmas markets, North German sports halls are transformed into Upper Bavarian winter idylls.
Category Documentary
Director Pascale Schmidt
Screenplay Pascale Schmidt
Cinematography Johann Feindt
Frank Behnke
Maria & Margot Hellwig
Cast Maria Hellwig, Margot Hellwig
Producer Jörg Bundschuh
Production Company Kick Film, in co-production with BR
Runtime 83 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Mono
With backing from Bayerische Film- und Fernsehfoerderung, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film
German Distributor Kick Film

World Sales
Kick Film GmbH
Joerg Bundschuh
Mannhardtstrasse 6
80538 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-7 47 10 30
fax +49-89-74 71 03 66