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Even as a boy in bombed-out Berlin, Fritz Knobel discovered how easy it is to do business with greenhorns: he fobs off the GI’s with Hitler memorabilia which he probably manufactured himself. Little Fritz progresses into being the art and antique dealer Professor Dr. Knobel who makes his pile by selling fakes of all kinds. On the occasion of the Fuehrer’s anniversary, he presents his life’s achievement: the Hitler diaries. A reporter for “HH Press”, Hermann Willié, is present at the celebrations. Fate takes its course, and Willié who has a hunch this might turn into a world-wide scoop, gets the money flowing at his publishers. When the Hitler diaries are presented to an astounded public, Willié is convinced he has reached the apex of his career. But not for long …
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1992
Director Helmut Dietl
Screenplay Ulrich Limmer, Helmut Dietl
Cinematography Xaver Schwarzenberger
Cast Rolf Hoppe, Christiane Hoerbiger, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Goetz George, Veronica Ferres
Producers Helmut Dietl, Günter Rohrbach
Production Company Bavaria Film
Subtitled Version English
Awards German Film Awards 1992 for Best Film & Best Direction

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