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School Trip Into Poachers' Territory (Klassenfahrt in das Revier der Wilderer)

School Trip Into Poachers' Territory
Scene from "School Trip Into Poachers' Territory" (photo © irrlicht-film)

A village on the edge of the Lower Zambesi National Park. The children hate wild animals because they destroy harvests and kill people. But there are actually many animals which the children have never seen. We accompany a few children on their first trip into the nearby but unknown wilderness.

Meanwhile Wildlife Police Officers try to track down poachers in the national park. Shots are echoing through the bush.
Genre Educational, Nature
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2007
Directors Ingo Rudloff, Marcus Lenz
Screenplay Marcus Lenz
Cinematography Marcus Lenz
Ingo Rudloff, Marcus Lenz
Oliver Heuss
Producer Ingo Rudloff
Production Company irrlicht-film/Berlin
Runtime 52 min
Format color
Dubbed Versions English
Sound Technology Dolby

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