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photo © Hagen Keller

RUN BOY RUN is the true story of Jurek, an eight-year-old boy who escapes from the Warsaw ghetto, then manages to survive in the woods and working as a farmhand, disguising himself as a Polish orphan. He encounters people who will betray him for a reward, who will beat him up or try to kill him, and he meets those who will do and risk almost everything to help him. Jurek’s resilience is put to the ultimate test when an accident cripples him, making it harder to find work. But he struggles against all odds. Eventually the Russians reach his area and Jurek even finds a family where he could stay. Yet he is betrayed again, and a young man from a Jewish orphanage forcefully tries to bring Jurek back to his people and his faith. As Jurek revisits his hometown and his abandoned home, we find out that the inner voice that has kept him hanging on over the years is in fact the echo of an earlier incident, a twist of fate that is as heartbreaking as it is encouraging and that will now help Jurek in making a choice between his true and his adopted identity.
Genre Children & Youth, Drama, History, Literature
Category Feature
Year of Production 2013
Director Pepe Danquart
Screenplay Heinrich Hadding
Cinematography Daniel Gottschalk
Cast Andrzej Takcz, Kamil Takcz, Elisabeth Duda, Itay Tiran, Lukasz Gajdzis, Przemyslaw Sadowski, Jeanette Hain, Rainer Bock, Miroslaw Baka, Jochen Hägele, Izabela Kuna
Producers Pepe Danquart, Susa Kusche, Uwe Spiller
Production Company Bittersuess Pictures/Berlin, in co-production with Ciné-Sud Promotion/Paris, A Company Filmproduktion/Berlin, B.A. Produktion/Munich, Quinte Film/Freiburg
Runtime 108 min
Format cs
Dubbed Versions German
 Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, German
Subtitled Versions English, French, German
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Rome 2013, Cleveland 2015
German Distributor NFP Marketing & Distribution*

World Sales
Radiant Films International
Mimi Steinbauer