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Priests of the Condemned (Priester der Verdammten)

Priests of the Condemned

Since time immemorial, the gods of the last Hindu kingdom have left the Kathmandu valley before the monsoon and have only returned once it had passed by. For four months, the people are left to their own devices. Demons take over. Misery, plagues and scourges arrive in the valley. This is how the people are punished for sins in an earlier life... It is not without reason that leprosy is still called the "punishment of God" - an illness where the fear of infection and the stigma of irreparable deformities results in the sufferers being forced out of all areas of social life and isolated as lepers from the outside world. This documentary shows life in the leper camps in the shadow of the Himalayas as well as the "Sewa Kendra" station which was set up by two Germans as the only non-government institution.
Category Documentary
Director Oliver Herbrich
Screenplay Oliver Herbrich
Cinematography Jan Betke
Romy Schumann
Ram Suram Nepali
Producer Oliver Herbrich
Production Company Oliver Herbrich Filmproduktion/Munich
Runtime 79 min
Format 16 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German, English
Subtitled Version French
Festivals Hofer Filmtage 94, Filmfest Muenchen 94, Film Festival Leipzig 94

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