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Scene from "Pink" (photo © Moana-Film)

Pink is a successful, young female poet. She writes malicious love poems which she recites in live performances throughout Germany. She has the fans at her feet. And she apparently also has success with love. Three men have hopes of marrying her. Pink decides systematically, but wrongly. She makes her decisions using a calculator. Her relationships are managed via text message. And conflicts resolved – if need be – at gunpoint. Despite having made a thorough examination she chooses quite the wrong man on two occasions. It is only with the third one that she finally finds happiness. Three weddings. Three seasons. The modern fairytale of someone on a quest to learn about love.
Genre Romantic Comedy, Tragicomedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2008
Director Rudolf Thome
Screenplay Rudolf Thome
Cinematography Ute Freund
Doerte Voelz-Mammarella
Katia Tchemberdji, Tatjana Jakob
Gioia Raspé
Cast Hannah Herzsprung, Guntram Brattia, Florian Panzner, Cornelius Schwalm, Radhe Schiff
Producer Rudolf Thome
Production Company Moana-Film/Berlin
Runtime 82 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Berlin 2009

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