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Eighty-year-old Carla, 76-year-old Lilli and 74-year-old Meta all live by very modest means: Carla is in a retirement home, where alcohol and cigarettes are strictly forbidden; Lilli lives with her daughter and three grandchildren in a dilapidated old house; Meta is terrorized by her son. They find their solace in playing cards, where the kitty has the specific purpose of fulfilling one last desire: a trip at sea!

But as the ladies go to deposit their savings in the bank, the bank is robbed and everything is gone. The solution: rob a bank themselves! Easier said than done. The side effects of old age are not exactly conducive to such adventurous endeavors.

An endearing tragicomedy about getting older, life and late-blooming love.
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2000
Director Lars Büchel
Screenplay Ruth Toma, Lars Büchel
Cinematography Judith Kaufmann
Betina Vogelsang
Max Berghaus, Dirk Reichardt, Stefan Hansen, Fetisch + Meister
Silke Buhr
Cast Til Schweiger, Corinna Harfouch, Gudrun Okras, Mark Keller, Christel Peters, Elisabeth Scherer, Vladimir Weigl, Tina Böckenhauer, Martin Semmelrogge
Producers Til Schweiger, Helga Baehr
Production Companies Lichtblick Filmproduktion/Hamburg, Mr. Brown Entertainment/Gruenwald, in co-production with Senator Film Produktion
Runtime 94 min
Format color, 35 mm
Subtitled Versions English, French
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Palm Springs 2001, Montreal 2001, Quebec 2001, Luebeck 2001, Miami 2001
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, MSH Gesellschaft zur Foerderung audiovisueller Werke in Schleswig-Holstein mbH, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

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