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My Mother's Courage (Mutters Courage)

My Mother's Courage

Budapest 1944, an occupied city: A day in the life of George Tabori. His mother is arrested by the Hungarian secret police on the way to her sister and is brought to the West Station where around four thousand Jews have been rounded up to be deported to Auschwitz. Those deported are transported in cattle trucks to the "Gate of Death", a little border town where they are offloaded until they can be brought in another train to the death camp. The people are herded together in a courtyard and wait for the train from Germany. The mother is also one of those waiting. She suddenly overcomes her inbred obedience and risks trying to break out of the seemingly inexorable transport to destruction. Through a mixture of courage, cunning and sudden insubordination, she manages to return to Budapest. A young German officer finally helps her to escape and saves her life.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1995
Director Michael Verhoeven
Screenplay Michael Verhoeven
Cinematography Michael Epp, Theo Bierkens
David Freeman
Julian Nott, Simon Verhoeven
Cast Ulrich Tukur, Pauline Collins, Heribert Sasse, Natalie Morse, Robert Giggenbach, Peter Radtke
Producer Michael Verhoeven
Production Companies Sentana Filmproduktion, Wega Film/Vienna, LittleBird/London
Runtime 93 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version French
Sound Technology Dolby SR
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

World Sales
The Sales Company
Joy Wong
62, Shaftesbury Ave.
London W1V 7DE/Great Britain