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photo © if...Productions/Jörg Adolph

In between celebrating his 80th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Oberhausen Manifesto, Edgar Reitz shot his latest film. With HOME FROM HOME - CHRONICLE OF A VISION he aims to continue not only his world famous HEIMAT series but also his earliest works. A whole village in the Hunsrück region of Germany is taken back in time to 1840 by set designers, actors and actresses are cast in full costumes and according to their matching compatibility as a family ensemble. MAKING OF HEIMAT observes all stages in the creation of this challenging film and takes on Edgar Reitz' point of view on filmmaking. And in his case filmmaking means a nearly four hour long afterthought of the "Young German Cinema" movement in digital cinemascope and black and white! The filmmakers strictly followed Edgar's dictum: "Don't do an ordinary making-of but make a film that shows how films are made".
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2013
Directors Jörg Adolph, Anja Pohl
Screenplay Jörg Adolph
Cinematography Jörg Adolph
Cast Edgar Reitz, Gernot Roll, Toni Gerg, Christian Reitz, Salome Kammer, Nikolai Eberth, Ute Cremer, Uwe Klimmeck, Michael Riessler, Jan Schneider, Maximilian Scheidt, Antonia Bill, Marita Breuer, Philine Lembeck, Rüdiger Kriese, Werner Herzog
Producer Ingo Fliess
Production Company if... Productions, in co-production with BR, SWR
Runtime 119 min
Format DCP, color, b&w, 16:9
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Hof 2013, IDFA 2014, Black Nights Tallinn 2014
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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