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Life Is A Bluff (Alles nur Tarnung)

Life Is A Bluff

Two weeks before Christmas, Harry Butzbach is being released from the home for difficult children. He and his girlfriend Marlies, who has run away from the home, steal a car to visit Harry's father. Willi Butzbach, who is serving a sentence in a country jail, is in Harry's eyes - the greatest and most admirable gangster since Al Capone. Harry and Marlies get caught with the stolen car and sent to this very same jail. Marlies is put into the small women's section on the second floor. By means of an almost fatal trick, Harry manages to get himself put into his father's cell on the third floor. Just by chance, the women's section is right underneath them - and communication is possible via the toilet pipe. Willi pretends to be the big gangster for his son, yet Harry soon realizes that his father might just be nothing more than a loser in real life. Willi senses that he is losing reputation and gets cracking. He proves to his son that there is life behind prison bars after all. As a highlight, he promises Harry a visit to the women's cells for Christmas to have a party ...
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1996
Director Peter Zingler
Screenplay Peter Zingler
Cinematography Joerg Seidl
Ulrike Leipold
Guenter Moell
Cast Mario Adorf, Elke Sommer, Ben Becker, Muriel Baumeister, Heinz Hoenig
Producers Peter Zingler, Daniel Zuta
Production Company ZZ-Film/Frankfurt
Runtime 93 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Sound Technology Dolby SR, Stereo
German Distributor UIP United International Pictures/Frankfurt

World Sales
ZZ-Film GmbH
Kaiserstrasse 39
60329 Frankfurt/Germany
phone +49-69-25 37 35
fax +49-69-23 90 58