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Konto, Das

Konto, Das
Heino Ferch (photo © Boris Laewen)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2002

There you are, happily married with an attractive, loving wife and daughter. Your career in senior management is going perfectly: in fact, you’re tipped for the very top. When, all of a sudden, you find yourself framed for murder, your good friend is similarly killed and you’re on the run across Europe, hiding from the police and bad guys alike, desperately trying to find out who and what is behind it all.

This is what awaits Michael Muehlhausen (Heino Ferch from The Tunnel and Comedian Harmonists) when, one evening, he receives a call from a colleague, Dirk Osterwald (Michael Gwisdek), the chief chemist at food manufacturer OLSON, who asks him to come by. When Muehlhausen arrives, he finds Osterwald shot dead. He panics and flees the scene. The next morning, the police are waiting at his office and the chase begins: the body count and pressure mount, nothing is what it seemed. Not even his marriage.

“We wanted to make a great event film for a large audience,” says producer Benjamin Benedict, “a thriller with a strong plot. It’s a current story; economic crime and food manufacturing. And it’s a human story with an interesting character, the theme being what happens when you have to decide between love and justice.”

“I’m essentially interested in characters who react under great pressure,” says Heino Ferch, “and we’ve tried to portray someone who reacts as a normal person would, not like James Bond. This way the story remains credible and authentic like in Michael Mann’s film, The Insider.”

Markus Imboden (Ein Dorf sucht einen Moerder) directs Martin Pristl’s script from Uwe Schwartzer’s novel of the same name (Das Konto translates as “The Account”).

Objectiv Film was founded by veteran producer Katharina M. Trebitsch in 1980, becoming the first company in what is today’s Trebitsch Group, which produces an average of 65-70 programming hours a year, including TV movies, series, documentaries and theatrical features.

With films such as Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti, and now Das Konto, the Trebitsch Group continues to live up to its motto: Quote mit Qualitaet (translation: “Ratings with Quality”). Among the international awards the company has collected are the Telestar, the Adolf Grimme Award, the Emmy, the Silver Screen Award and the Goldene Kamera, to name a few. And in 1999, Ms. Trebitsch was honored by the German government with the Bundesverdienstkreuz for her services to the industry.

Genre Thriller
Category TV Movie
Year of Production 2002
Director Markus Imboden
Screenplay Martin Pristl
Cinematography Rainer Klausmann
Dagmar Pohle
Florian Appl
Cast Heino Ferch, Julia Jaeger, Jürgen Schornagel, Hermann Beyer, Franziska Petri
Producers Katharina M. Trebitsch, Benjamin Benedict
Production Company Objectiv Film/Berlin, in cooperation with Degeto Film
Format 16 mm, color
Shooting Dates Hamburg, Paris, Zurich, April-July 2002

World Sales
Degeto Film GmbH
Am Steinernen Stock 1
60320 Frankfurt/Germany