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Kate! Creating an Icon (Kate! Vom Model zur Ikone)

Kate! Creating an Icon
Scene from "Kate! Creating an Icon" (photo © Peter Lindbergh)

Delicate of stature, with streaked blond hair, not especially tall, unassuming without makeup and styling – but despite all of that, unassailably successful. No other supermodel has ever made it onto the covers of so many different magazines, appeared so often in the headlines, or attracted such legions of male and female fans. Kate Moss: model, mother, muse, millionaire. She provokes, polarizes, and profits in the end from her own myth. Kate Moss – idol of an entire generation. But what is it that makes an icon? Not just in the fashion world, but in the art scene as well, this native of England has inspired a veritable flood of imagery, one that never seems to end.

The film Kate! Creating an Icon traces back her icon status to its origins. Kate Moss is the ideal projection surface for a multitude of identities. This film searches for the indices of her celebrity by talking with Vivienne Westwood, Mike Figgis, Chuck Close, Albert Watson and others. She embodies the abyssal, the offbeat, everything that does not fit into our sated, complacent society, a yearning toward the wild, the uninhibited.

This film was produced independently of Storm Model Management and Kate Moss. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by either party.
Genre Art
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2010
Director Nicola Graef
Screenplay Nicola Graef
Cinematography Alexander Rott
Florian Miosge
George Kochbeck, Cpt White Scaret
Producers Susanne Brand, Nicola Graef
Production Company Lona Media/Hamburg, in cooperation with SBS TV Australia, Sundance Channel, ARTE, ZDF
Runtime 53 min
Format HDCAM, color, 16:9
Dubbed Versions English
Sound Technology Stereo

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