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Saralisa Volm & Clemens Schick (photo courtesy of teamWorx)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2011

Will they or won't they? The clock is ticking away for the producers of Sergej Moya's film HOTEL DESIRE, who have set themselves a deadline this summer to raise 170,000 Euros crowdfunding via the Internet.

A media campaign and a dedicated home page ( were launched on June 6th to raise donations from private individuals or backing from potential investors interested in acquiring rights or profit participation.

Backers can decide between six categories of donation and, depending on the level of their financial commitment, will receive various kinds of gimmicks as incentives. Thus, someone donating five Euros or more (Category 1) will receive a coupon to stream the completed film, while 5,000 Euros or more (Category 6) will earn the donor a streaming coupon and a private screening in Berlin with the filmmakers and cast.

Should the goal of 170,000 Euros – heaven forbid – not be reached in the 80 days from June 6th for the filmmakers to start shooting at the end of August, the producers have announced that all of the monies raised to that point will nevertheless benefit young directors in Germany by being channeled into the First Steps Award.

After directing HOLLYWOOD DRAMA and DIE BLAUE PERIODE, actor-director Sergej Moya has now turned to the multifaceted subject of human sexuality for this 45-minute film.

“With HOTEL DESIRE, I would like to make a film which unconditionally sets itself the task of doing justice cinematically to sexuality as an expression of the human zest for life,” Moya explains. “A film which self-assuredly borrows from the porn genre, but isn't a porn film.”

He describes the film, which has Saralisa Volm (from Klaus Lemke's FINALE) and Clemens Schick (known to international audiences as one of the baddies in CASINO ROYALE) in the leads, as “a porNEOgraphic film. A film where we want to speak with sensitivity and directness about the interplay of longing, lust, desire, intimacy, sexuality and spontaneity.”

Genre Drama
Category Feature
Director Sergei Moya
Screenplay Sergei Moya
Cinematography Armin Franzen
Cast Saralisa Volm, Clemens Schick, Anna Maria Mühe, Herbert Knaup, Carlo Ljubek, Jan-Gregor Kremp
Producers Julia Lischinski, Christopher Zwickler, Sascha Schwingel
Production Companies Von Fiessbach Film/Berlin, teamWorx Television & Film/Potsdam
Shooting Dates August 2011

teamWorx Television & Film GmbH
Dianastr. 21
14482 Potsdam/Germany
phone +49-3 31-706 02 30
fax +49-3 31-7 06 02 31