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G8 - Fenced Off (Zaun, Der)

G8 - Fenced Off
Scene from "G8 - Fenced Off" (photo © Kinowelt Filmproduktion)

The main "character" of G8 - Fenced Off is the fence, which serves as a new interpretation for terms like Freedom, Security, Democracy and illustrates topics focused on in the investigation, like being excluded, the residents, bar owners, critics of the G8, police officers, press representatives, fence builders and soldiers. Together, they all have to stay outside the fence, while the eight most powerful politicians of this world try to find the answers to the most significant problems on this planet. In the name of the people, of course.

“A 13 kilometer-long fence shall protect the leaders of the G8 Meeting”: that was the news that was spread throughout the media at the end of last year.

A 13 kilometers-long fence and an expense of 100 million Euros for a meeting to last 3 days? 16,000 police officers to protect the G8 leaders? Who came up with such an idea? What’s up with that fence? Who shall be separated from whom? What danger shall it oppose? Is it really about security or is the fence more like a symbol? And if so, what for?

The filmmakers searched for the answers to those significant questions. The concerned parties that they encountered at the fence gave them a clue. And even the police mentioned activities that were interventions of civil liberties.
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2007
Directors Andreas Horn, Armin Marewski
Screenplay Andreas Horn, Armin Marewski
Cinematography Andreas Horn
Katja Hahn
Producer Rainer Kölmel
Production Company Starhaus Filmproduktion/Munich, in cooperation with ZDF, 3sat/Mainz
Runtime 70 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
German Distributor STUDIOCANAL/Berlin

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10178 Berlin/Germany
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