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Forever Flirt (Strausskiste, Die)

Forever Flirt

"Films without words. Waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and marches. Tales from Vienna and elsewhere. Of yesterday and nowadays. Lovers, eaters, dancers. Old and young. Dressed in period and jeans. All connected by the joy, sensuality, embrace, and the bitter-sweet feeling of the short-lived pleasures of life. My admiration for the short films of Max Ophuels went into this work. Some are stories, some observations. All are about music and light, color, movement, and emotions. A young woman remembers a ball in Venice. An apprentice magician visits a frustrated lady after a fight with her husband. An upholsterer finds a pile of gold. Two aircraft paint a heart in the sky. The girls' twirling skirts look like whipped cream. A circus waves good bye. And seniors show their photographs: 'When we were young'...

It is the summer of the 100th anniversary of Johann Strauss' death. An homage to the greatest genius of entertaining music." Percy Adlon
Genre Music

Year of Production 2000
Director Percy Adlon
Screenplay Percy Adlon
Cinematography Percy Adlon
Ila von Hasberg
Johann Strauss, Jr
Cast Eva Mattes, Lolita Davidovich, Herbert Foettinger, Alfred Eschwé
Producer Eleonore Adlon
Production Companies Pelemele Film/Munich & Santa Monica, Leora Films/Santa Monica, in co-production with ZDF, ARTE, ORF/Vienna
Runtime 72 min
Format DigiBeta PAL, color
 no dialogue
Festivals Montreal 1999

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