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Eye Song (Augenlied)

Eye Song
Janis Wega (photo © Pilotfilm)

Does someone who doesn't see, see nothing? Blindness is fascinating for the sighted. And alarming. And inconceivable. How do the blind see the world? We took a trip through Europe. And met very different people. All are blind. A film exclusively with the blind. But it deals with seeing. With the visible and the invisible. With hearing, with smelling. With beauty and with fear. With dreams. With perception of the world with all the senses. Not a film about the handicapped. A film about us. About our retina, our perception. "The seeing, it seems to me, don't really see very much," somebody says at some point. And laughs. And tells us a tale, wild and chaotic like a movie for the wide screen. All the blind see. In their dreams.

Eye Song is a film about loss. And a film about wealth. A wealth that - however concealed - is in all of us. Suddenly, in the middle of Frankfurt, the blind mother says: "I smell the sea breeze." And the professor from England knows the answer to the question: Why does one kiss with closed eyes?
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2003
Directors Mischka Popp, Thomas Bergmann
Screenplay Mischka Popp, Thomas Bergmann
Cinematography Andreas Höfer
Peter Przygodda
Glasmusik, Cantus Lapidum
Cast Guenther Wieland, John M. Hull, Nuria del Saz, Stefan Demeter, Renata Wojewoda, Janis Wega, Stefan Tarasewicz, Tamara Kurenkowa, Oleg Pilugin, Natascha Pilugin, Reinhard Riemer, Malik, Neslihan
Producer Mischka Popp
Production Company Pilotfilm/Frankfurt, in cooperation with ZDF, ARTE
Runtime 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Munich 2003, U.S. International Film Festival Redondo Beach 2003
Awards Creative Excellence Redondo Beach 2003
With backing from Hessische Filmfoerderung, Investitionsbank Hessen (IBH)
German Distributor GMfilms/Berlin

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Pilotfilm GmbH
Mischka Popp, Thomas Bergmann
Unterweg 24
60318 Frankfurt/Germany
phone +49-69-55 58 85
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