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photo courtesy of Celluloid Dreams

75-year-.old Japanese artist Susumu Shingu sculpts the winds and follows them in search of a resting place, a wind-powered home, for his long, lifetime dream of Breathing Earth.

Thomas Riedelsheimer accompanies this quiet and unassuming man in pursuit of a dream, a quest to create an awareness of our planet, our breathing earth and our human values.
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2012
Director Thomas Riedelsheimer
Cinematography Thomas Riedelsheimer
Producers Stefan Tolz, Leslie Hills
Production Companies Filmpunkt/Cologne, Skyline Productions/Edinburgh
Runtime 92 min
 English, Japanese, Italian
Festivals Edinburgh 2013, DOCS Barcelona 2013, Vancouver 2013, Camerimage 2013, Artfifa Montreal 2014
Awards Jury Award Montreal 2014

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