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Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace (Bonhoeffer - Die letzte Stufe)

Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace

In July 1939, Dietrich Bonhoeffer leaves the United States to go back to Nazi Germany, even though he is aware that his life there will be very dangerous. Dietrich has been opposing the Hitler regime within the confessing church for years. After his return to Germany, the theologian becomes a political conspriator.

Dietrich meets the woman who is going to be the love of his life: Maria von Wedemeyer. 18-year-old Maria's high spirits, vivacity and intelligence pierce the armour of the unproachable bachelor of 36. Shortly after that, Dietrich gets arrested by the Gestapo under suspicion of conspiracy. Maria's love becomes one of Dietrich's major sources of strength throughout his almost two years in prison. During the time he spends in cell 92, he keeps writing about his inner struggle between certainity and doubt, about his life-long quest for his place in the world, and creates a modern classic of theology.

With the help of a reliable prison guard, an escape plan for Dietrich is forged by his family and Maria. Maria is appalled when Dietrich refuses to run. He argues that he doesn't want to leave his fellow- sufferers behind. Together with other conspirators, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is executed at dawn on April 9, 1945, less than a month away from Germany's surrender.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2000
Director Eric Till
Screenplay Eric Till, Jones Gareth
Cinematography Sebastian Richter
Roger Mattiussi
Eric Robertson, Claude Desjardins
Cast Ulrich Tukur, Robert Joy, Johanna Klante, Ulrich Noethen
Producers Gabriela Pfaendner, Kurt Rittig
Production Company NFP/Halle (Saale), in co-production with ORB/Potsdam, Norflicks Productions
Runtime 88 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Monte Carlo 2000, Amsterdam 2000 (Widescreen Festival)
With backing from AID Association for Lutherans, Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg, Media Programme of the European Union

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