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In a small-town music hall, gorgeous Lola, who is forever "falling in love again", does a chansonette act every night. Amongst the admirers of her erotically-spiced delivery are several grammar-schoolboys. When strict Professor Rath finds out about his pupils' dubious source of entertainment, he decides to pay a visit to the disreputable establishment himself. To his surprise, he finds Lola - despite her ambiguous act - to be a woman with a heart, and he helplessly falls in love with her. Their precipitate marriage makes the professor a social outcast and brings him ever further down the ladder of human degradation. His destruction is complete when the former scholar appears on stage as a clown at whom raw eggs are thrown. His life has lost all meaning, and, in desperation, he goes his somber way into hopelessness.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1930
Director Josef von Sternberg
Screenplay Karl Vollmoeller, Carl Zuckmayer, Robert Liebmann
Cinematography Hans Schneeberger, Günther Rittau
Sam Winston
Friedrich Hollaender
Emil Hasler, Otto Hunte
Cast Hans Albers, Kurt Gerron, Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings, Rosa Valetti
Producer Erich Pommer
Production Company Universum-Film (Ufa)/Berlin
Runtime 107 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Dubbed Versions English
Subtitled Versions English, French
Festivals Huesca 2005, Zlín 2015
German Distributor Transit Film/Munich

World Sales
Transit Film GmbH
Loy W. Arnold, Mark Gruenthal, Susanne Schumann
Dachauer Strasse 35
80335 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-5 99 88 50
fax +49-89-59 98 85 20;