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Martin Behrens is a Middle East expert for the German intelligence agency BND. He obtains information leading to a U.S. drone strike on a wanted terrorist in Zahiristan. A few days later, there's a terrorist attack on a restaurant – the video claiming responsibility calls it payback for the drone strike. Freelance journalist Aurice, with whom Martin was having an affair, is among the victims – she was investigating corruption at the heart of the BND. Martin soon has to realize that in a world where big corporations profit from arms deals as well as from homeland security contracts, good and evil are sometimes hard to tell apart.
Genre Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2018
Director Philipp Leinemann
Screenplay Philipp Leinemann
Cinematography Christian Stangassinger
Cast Ronald Zehrfeld, Alexander Fehling, Claudia Michelsen, Axel Prahl, Antje Traue, Katharina Lorenz, Walter Kreye, August Zirner, Thomas Loibl, Thomas Thieme
Producers Philipp Worm, Tobias Walker
Production Company Walker+Worm Film
Runtime 102 min
Format color, 1:2.39
Subtitled Version English
Awards German Film Award 2019 (Best Supporting Actor)
German Distributor Prokino Filmverleih/Munich

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