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ANGEL EXPRESS is a film about people restlessly seeking the ultimate experience. Set in late 90s Berlin, it shows images of radical change: young urban heroes in the glare of flashing lights; an environment in which coldness and affection or lust for power and friendship go hand in hand. Characters like the hooker Liv, or the top photographer Iris von Than with her cool and calculating manner and a tendency to go too far, zig-zag like pinballs through the neon jungle on an aimless search for their identity and social contact. There is the striking character of N.K., apparently a respectable businessman of slick and unscrupulous means and a gunrunner on the side who finally unveils himself as a corrupt policeman. And the hauntingly eccentric and insecure Patrick, Iris von Than’s young business associate, who constantly is in pursuit of something and whose motto is to survive by luxury. The protagonists, united by their common mood, feelings and attitude to life, are sucked into a deadly whirlpool of events.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2011
Director RP Kahl
Screenplay RP Kahl
Cinematography Sönke Hansen
Cast Chris Hohenester, Wilfried Hochholdinger, Ulrike Panse, RP Kahl, Dave Allert, Laura Tonke, Eva Habermann, Doreen Jacobi, Ruben Hübchen
Producers Luggi Waldleitner, RP Kahl
Production Companies ERDBEERMUNDfilm/Berlin, Roxy Film/Munich, Independent Partners Film
Runtime 76 min
Format 35 mm, color, 16:9
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Munich 1998, Oldenburg 1998, Gijon 1998, Rome Independent Film Festival 2012

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