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(Beyond Remedy (aka Fear))

Scene from “Beyond Remedy (aka Fear)” (photo courtesy of Valerian Film)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2007

There were strange and blood-curdling things going on at a hospital in Berlin's leafy Zehlendorf suburb this summer. But, they never reached the headlines of the local papers because the spate of killings belonged to the realm of illusion at the Flatliner studio in the former Oskar-Helene-Heim clinic on the set of Gerhard Hross' first English-language horror film Beyond Remedy (aka Fear) which wrapped principal photography in Berlin at the end of July.

"The Berlin-based screenwriting duo Joerge F. Peterson and Soeren Hoffmann approached us with their screenplay which immediately appealed to us because it was not a run-of-the-mill splatter horror movie," recalls producer Udo Bomnueter of Valerian Film. "The story had well-developed characters and a lot of interaction."

Valerian Film had already made one film with the Munich Academy of Television & Film (HFF) graduate – the ProSieben thriller Dein Mann wird mir gehoeren – and was keen to work with Hross again. "We knew that Gerhard likes horror films and always wanted to do something in this direction," Bomnueter says. "It is very pleasant working with him because he is a producer-friendly director who has a very clear vision of the way he wants to follow in his visual concept for the film."

According to Bomnueter, the film, which is about an international group of medical students participating in a seminar on fear with deadly results, has clearly been influenced in its creation of a threatening and mysterious atmosphere by such Japanese ghost films as The Ring or The Grudge and in its camerawork by TV series like 24 or the Jason Bourne films franchise.

Beyond Remedy stars a young German cast including Marie Zielcke (one of the leads in Simon Gross' award-winning film Fata Morgana), Daniel Krauss (Keinohrhasen), Edward Piccin (Asterix & the Vikings) and Annalena Duken (Pfarrer Braun) appearing opposite the veteran UK actor David Gant (Braveheart) as the stern and enigmatic Dr. Ginrich.

"We had cast Marie very early on because she is very open for this kind of genre film and came across David Gant through an acquaintance who had worked with him as a production assistant on [Darryn Welch's thriller] Wish You Were Here," Bomnueter adds.

"Then we decided to have a bigger name in a guest role and worked with the LA casting director Ricki Maslar to get Rick Yune to play the role of Dr. Ginrich's assistant Dr. Lee," Bomnueter explains.

Speaking about his experiences on Beyond Remedy, the US-Korean Rick Yune (007: Die Another Day, The Fast & The Furious) observed: "Most of the films I have worked on before have been big budget studio films, so to work on a smaller independent project with people that are passionate about it was really attractive for me, especially in a foreign country with different cultures. The story of fear has always been interesting to me because that's what you have to overcome first as an actor. Before I was an actor I was a trader for hedge funds and doing that was all about managing your fear as well."

In addition to taking on international distribution rights through Boll World Sales, producer-director Uwe Boll served as a co-financier on the low-budget production which was also co-produced by Gruenberg Film. Post-production will be overseen by Erik Stappenbeck's Moonfilm and the film's special effects were being prepared by Ramin Shafiai with support by one of Hross' friends, splatter maestro Olaf Ittenbach (Legion of the Dead).

Genre Horror
Category Feature
Year of Production 2007
Director Gerhard Hross
Screenplay Joerge F. Peterson, Soeren Hoffmann
Cinematography Holger Fleig
Erik Stappenbeck
Michael Ehninger
Jan Mueller
Cast Marie Zielke, Daniel Krauss, Edward Piccin, Rick Yune, David Gant, Annalena Duken, Tobias Kasimirowicz, Jacqueline Burgschat
Producers Helmar Baum, Udo Bomnueter
Production Company Valerian Film/Berlin
Format Super 16, color
Sound Technology Stereo
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

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Michael Roesch
Wormser Strasse 173
55130 Mainz/Germany
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