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28 1/2

28 1/2
photo © Fine Art Games/Luciano Cervio/Anton Gonopolski

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2010

Apollo, in his mid thirties, is a Greek guy who lives in Berlin. He’s a gambler, seducer and good-time-guy. He has an illegitimate child in Russia but does not even know whether it’s a boy or girl. But now Apollo finds himself in a bind: he has to present the child, and fast, otherwise he won’t inherit the fortune left to him by his rich uncle.

A private detective hands Apollo a very thin dossier. His child is called Alexander Vasiliev and is, at this moment, participating in the Fine Art Games in a small town on the Volga.

Apollo sets off to Russia to find his son but on arrival discovers there is not one but twenty-eight boys called Alexander Vasiliev on the competitors’ list! Which one is his? What once looked as simple as stealing candy from a baby has now become very complicated. Fortunately, Apollo quickly makes new friends who help him in his search. And that leads only to new disasters!

28 1/2’s producer, Anna Katharina Guddat, is a student at Berlin’s German Film & Television Academy (dffb), as is the film’s director and co-writer, Anton Gonopolski, who also studied at Moscow’s film school. This is their graduation project.

“Without the dffb we could never have financed such an unusual film,” says Anna Katharina Guddat. “28 1/2 is essentially an operetta. We are filming and singing in German, Russian and French and have gathered our team and cast from all over the world. Our lead actor, Camillo, is half Chilean, half Canadian; our cameraman, Luciano, is Argentinean; the sound man is Norwegian and the assistant director is from Alaska! All this under Russian direction and German production. You can’t get more ‘co-production’ than this!”

Genre Comedy, Music, Tragicomedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2013
Director Anton Gonopolski
Screenplay Bastian Kleppe, Anton Gonopolski
Cinematography Luciano Cervio
Anton Gonopolski
Anton Gonopolski
Joern Lachmann
Cast Alerij Bondarew, Marina Weis, Camilo Sottolichio, Nastja Smirnova, David Bennent
Producer Anna Katharina Guddat
Production Company Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB), in co-production with Gonopolski und Guddat Filmproduktionen/Berlin
 German, Russian, English, French
Shooting Dates Samara/Russia, Berlin, April 2010

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