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photo © GrandHôtelPictures

Séverine is young and confident and ought to be happy with her boyfriend Tom. But a reoccurring dream makes her doubt the whole relationship. She needs some time by herself, a few days by the sea to think things over.

Tom gets drunk at a bar and meets a guy in a suit, who offers a questionable solution to his problem. The perfidious plan: to ambush her on her way to the sea and send Tom to her rescue to make him her ultimate hero. Upon her departure everything goes according to plan. She is being followed but, shortly after, can shake off her pursuers. But things start to go wrong.

Unfortunately, her car dies down in the middle of the forest. She goes looking for help and discovers an abandoned mansion. Desperately needing a telephone, she climbs in through the window. When her pursuers suddenly appear, she hides and becomes a witness to a gruesome scene. They spot her. And start hunting her down. While Séverine is running for her life, a sick game unfolds about fear, unfulfilled desires and the search for true love.

“A story is not finished being told, unless it took the worst possible turn…” Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Genre Erotic, Thriller, Suspense
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director Mathieu Seiler
Screenplay Mathieu Seiler
Cinematography Oliver Geissler
Cast Anna Hausburg, David C. Bunners, Kai-Michael Müller, Beat Marti, Michael Greiling
Producers Norbert Kneissl, Cengiz Peker, Abdullah Benabdallah
Co-Producer Mathieu Seiler
Production Company Grand Hôtel Pictures, in co-production with Klus Film/Berlin
Runtime 103 min
Format DCP, b&w, 1:1.85
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Fantaspoa 2015

World Sales
House of Film
Ava B.