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Tod in der Siedlung

Tod in der Siedlung
Scene from "Tod in der Siedlung" (photo © Colonia Media)

While Schimanski is buying his after-work six-pack at a petrol station, 14-year-old Lena Krawe approaches him with a pretty clear offer. "It's already gone that far," Schimanski says to himself. He starts to take a different look at the area he and Lena are living in. Suddenly, a car is set on fire, right next to where he lives. Schimanski knows immediately that this didn't happen accidentally. It was murder! The victim was a known local emplyoment agent, Matthias Zimmermann. Almost everybody disliked him, especially the girls. Schimanski is convinced that there is more than simple revenge behind the facade of unemployment, gambling and prostitution. He knows those people quite well, they are at the lower end of society, but they would never just simply kill someone. He meets Lena's dad, who lost everything by gambling. Schimanski knows that Lena's dad has a fitting motive for the murder, but he doesn't believe Krawe is capable of killing anyone. Another murder happens at a building site nearby. The dead worker had close connections to Zimmermann. Schimanski is confronted by a riddle he is determined to solve.
Genre Thriller, Drama

Year of Production 2006
Director Torsten C. Fischer
Screenplay Horst Vocks, Lars Boehme
Cinematography Hagen Bogdanski
Benjamin Hembus
Fabian Roemer
Stefan Schoenberg
Cast Goetz George, Julian Weigend, Chiem van Houweninge, Denise Virieux, Matthias Brandt, Julia Jaeger, Ronald Zehrfeld, Katharina Schüttler
Producer Sonja Goslicki
Production Company Colonia Media Filmproduktion/Cologne
Runtime 90 min
Format Super 16, color
Sound Technology Stereo

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