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SUMMER, A (working title) (SOMMER, EIN (working title))

SUMMER, A (working title)
© Conny Klein/PROVOBIS

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2020

Ebba, a woman in the 'best years', abandons her well-ordered life and marriage to join a traveling circus along Poland's Baltic Sea coast, performing as a bear! The experience of this transformation as well as an affair with the ringmaster confront her with disturbing questions: Does she want her husband back? Does she want her life back? It takes literally slipping into a bear’s skin for Ebba to recognize her own strength and the value that she gains from it.
Genre Coming-of-Age Story
Category TV Movie
Director Dustin Loose
Screenplay Beate Langmaack
Cinematography Clemens Baumeister
Cast Iris Berben, Peter Mygind, Rainer Bock, Leslie Malton, Martin Brambach
Producer Jens C. Susa
Production Companies Provobis Film/Berlin, ARD Degeto
Shooting Dates October-November 2019
With backing from Polish Film Institute

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