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Scene from "Stalingrad" (photo © Ullstein Bilderdienst)

Stalingrad – a name forever associated with the horrors of war at their most unimaginable and traumatic. For the first time ever, the Battle of Stalingrad – which cost hundreds of thousands of lives and marked the turning point of World War II – is portrayed not only from a German perspective. The three-part film (3 x 52 min) was conceived and edited by internationally acknowledged documentary filmmakers S. Dehnhardt, C. Deick, M. Oldenburg and J. Muellner, whose in-depth reports on World War II and the Nazi era confirm their expertise in this domain. While the program reveals new historical facts, it addresses above all the viewer's heart, and not only his mind. Individual destinies hold center stage, as survivors from both sides describe their harrowing experiences and provide some of the last eyewitness accounts that will ever be recorded. Gripping reports from people close to the centers of power alternate with these moving testimonies. Particularly chilling are excerpts from 8 mm films shot by soldiers during the siege. Russian archives opened their doors to the filmmakers, granting them exclusive access to documents and rare footage of Stalingrad. 3-D animation visualized the strategic development of the battle and archival film was digitally restored for this trilogy and scanned in HD with some coloration of the black & white material.
Genre History
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2003
Director Sebastian Dehnhardt
Screenplay Manfred Oldenburg, Sebastian Dehnhardt, Joerg Muellner, Christian Deick
Cinematography Peer Horstmann
Guido Knopp
Enjott Schneider
Producer Leopold Hoesch
Production Company BROADVIEW Pictures
Runtime 156 min
Format color, b&w
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals New York 2003
With backing from MEDIA, CoboFund Holland
World Sales
german united distributors Programmvertrieb GmbH
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50667 Cologne/Germany
phone +49-2 21-92 06 90
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