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Schultze Gets the Blues

Schultze Gets the Blues
Scene from "Schultze Gets the Blues" (photo © filmkombinat)

Schultze Gets the Blues tells the story of Schultze, a man who has spent his whole life in a small town in Sachsen-Anhalt near the river Saale. Schultze's life, divided between work and the pub, the allotment, folk music and fishing, is rudely interrupted when he and his mates Manfred and Juergen lose their jobs. As entropy sets in and maintaining the daily routine deteriorates into a farce, Schultze discovers a life on the other side of the hill.

From his polka-powered accordion, the amateur musician coaxes the fiery zydeco music of the Southern States, which threatens to disrupt the respectable anniversary celebration of his local music club. Faced with the choice of sliding back into the old ways or ending up as the local freak, Schultze makes a decision which will take him deep into the swamps and bayous of Louisiana ... and back again ...
Genre Music, Tragicomedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2003
Director Michael Schorr
Screenplay Michael Schorr
Cinematography Axel Schneppat
Tina Hillmann
Dirk Niemeier, Thomas Wittenbecher
Natascha Tagwerk
Cast Horst Krause, Harald Warmbrunn, Karl-Fred Mueller, Rosemarie Deibel, Wilhelmine Horschig, Anne V. Angelle
Producer Jens Koerner
Production Company Filmkombinat/Dresden-Potsdam
Runtime 110 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Versions English, Italian
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Venice 2003 (Controcorrente), Zagreb 2003, Sao Paulo 2003, Hof 2003, Ljubljana 2003, Cardiff 2003, Stockholm 2003, Gijón 2003, Bratislava 2003, Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 2004 (In Competition), Rotterdam 2004, Berlin 2004, Karlovy Vary 2004, Denver 2004, Ghent 2004, Mar del Plata 2005, Osaka 2005
Awards Special Director's Award Venice 2003, Best Film, Debut Film, Screenplay & Lead Actor Stockholm 2003, Best Feature Film & Best Art Direction Gijón 2003, German Film Award 2004 for Production Design
With backing from Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Kulturelle Filmfoerderung Sachsen-Anhalt
German Distributor UIP United International Pictures/Frankfurt

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