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Polymnia's Children (Polymnias Kinder)

Polymnia's Children
Scene from "Polymnia's Children" (photo © Henry Mundt)

Polymnia was the muse of sacred hymns. Six of her “children”, prize winners in a contest, meet at Rheinsberg in northeast Germany to take part in an international festival supporting young opera singers. From six different countries – Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Japan – they have come together to devise and perform an opera by Georg Friedrich Haendel, in German, under the direction of the famous 70-year-old master of musical theater, Prof. Harry Kupfer.

Who are these six young singers? Will they master the challenge? Can these novices come up to their mentor’s expectations? How will they bring this wealth of musical material to life on stage? And what does “career” mean to them? Have they truly been kissed by Polymnia, or merely seduced by her?

This film delivers an insight into the world of modern musical theater. It follows six young talents as they take their first steps on stage. And it shows us the passion of a great director, passing his expertise on to the next generation with love, humor and irrepressible energy. Polymnia’s Children is a film about a mentor, his pupils and the passion for music which they share.
Genre Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2005
Director Dirk Richard Heidinger
Screenplay Dirk Richard Heidinger
Cinematography Thomas Janze, David Suenderhauf, Oliver Wolff
Dirk Richard Heidinger
Bert Wrede, Frank Bredow
Cast Harry Kupfer, Kurt Masur, Siegfried Matthus, Jochen Kowalski
Producers Dirk Richard Heidinger, Thomas Janze
Production Company Totho cmp/Berlin, in co-production with Dirk Richard Heidinger Produktion/Berlin
Runtime 80 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
With backing from E-Plus, Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg, Preussisches Kammerorchester Prenzlau, Hotel Deutsches Haus Rheinsberg

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