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Pi - The Policewoman (Pi - Die Polizistin)

Pi - The Policewoman

Lilo Pleschinski, 30, is a good policewoman, sharp, quick, intelligent and single. She loves her work at the regional CID in Berlin. Lilo is sent to Eisenhuettenstadt to meet an informant who is supposed to have evidence about corruption at the local Oder steelworks. There, she is suddenly confronted by her past. Werner Buckow, in his late 50's and now the police chief in Eisenhuettenstadt, was her trainer and great love many years previously in West Germany. But Lilo's informant is dead before she can speak to him. The investigations become more and more complicated. Lilo realises that the police chief is heavily involved in the corruption. The journalist Fritz Merker not only wants to make the case public, he is even more interested in the aloof policewoman. Together, they look for evidence of murder and corruption. No mercy is shown when Lilo and Werner Buckow finally stand alone face to face, and the former love only serves to heighten the intensity of the final confrontation.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Director Carolin Otto
Screenplay Carolin Otto
Cinematography Jan Fehse
Gudrun Steinbrueck-Plenert
Andreas Hoge
Cast Andreas Herder, Marie-Lou Sellem, Klaus Gruenberg
Producers Katrin Schlösser, Frank Loeprich
Production Company öFilm/Berlin, in co-production with ZDF
Runtime 85 min
Format 16 mm, 35 mm, color
Festivals Hof 1997

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