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Photography and Beyond II (Photographie und Jenseits II)

Photography and Beyond II
Scene from "Photography and Beyond II" (photo courtesy of Heinz Emigholz)

Photography and beyond is a series of films about art and design - "projections" that become visible as writings, drawings, photography, architecture and sculpture. The three newly-released films in the series are Miscellanea I and II (landscapes, architecture, exhibits, and sculpture), and the silent film The Basis of Make-Up I (writings and drawings).

A reverse visual process is analyzed: seeing as expression, not as impression. The eye as the interface between the brain and the outside world, the gaze as the compositional power that projects an ideas into the outside world or comprehends it by means of cinematography. From the writing, drawings, and studies of the works of various architechts something indescribable is formed: an expression in film of the objectification of mental thoughts.

Genre Art, Educational, History
Category Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 1974
Director Heinz Emigholz
Screenplay Heinz Emigholz
Cinematography Heinz Emigholz
Heinz Emigholz
Cast Jochen Nickel, Kyle deCamp, John Erdman, Ueli Etter, Eckhard Rhode, Ronny Tanner
Producer Heinz Emigholz
Production Company Heinz Emigholz Filmproduktion/Berlin
Runtime 59 min
Format 35 mm, color, b&w
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Sound Technology Dolby SR, Dolby Stereo
Festivals Berlin 1984 (Forum, The Basis of Make-Up I), Oberhausen 2001, Vienna 2001, Buenos Aires 2004
With backing from MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, BKM
German Distributor Pym Films/Berlin

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