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People On Sunday (Menschen am Sonntag)

People On Sunday

A completely normal summer day in Berlin in 1929: life pulsates, the city vibrates full of energy, there is action all around. As though it were coincidence, the viewer gains insight into the lives of different residents of the metropole, and follows them through their everyday activities, their work, their free time.

A young man waiting at a streetcorner for his dark-haired girlfriend. A taxi driver, Erwin, and his wife and their triste domestic existence. On Sunday, Berlin is as empty as a ghost town. It seems as though everyone flees to the countryside, the train stations are packed. Erwin meets up with the young man and his female companions, who are on their way to a nearby lake. The two men know each other and decide to make the excursion all together. The young man's intense flirting with his girlfriend's friend arouses jealously in his girlfriend, especially when he arranges a date with her for the following Sunday. Erwin reminds him that they already have plans to play football next Sunday. When Erwin returns home, he finds his wife just as he left her, asleep.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1929
Director Robert Siodmak
Screenplay Billy Wilder
Cinematography Eugen Schuefftan
Robert Siodmak
Otto Stenzel
Cast Ernst Verebes, Anni Schreyer, Christl Ehlers, Wolfgang von Waltershausen, Brigitte Bochert, Erwin Splettstoesser, Valeska Gert, Kurt Gerron, Heinrich Gretler
Producer Moritz Seeler
Production Company Filmstudio 129, Berlin
Runtime 74 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Subtitled Versions English, French
Festivals Sydney 2005, Istanbul 2014, Cambridge 2014, CPH PIX/BUSTER Copenhagen 2016
German Distributor Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen/Berlin

World Sales
Atlantic-Film S.A.
Martin Hellstern
Muenchhaldenstrasse 10
8034 Zurich/Switzerland
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