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Paul and Bataar (Paul und Bataar)

Paul and Bataar
Team from "Paul and Bataar" (photo courtesy of Caterina Klusemann)

Paul has lived all over the world, but he hasn't really seen much of it. His father is a diplomat. But since Paul's mother died, his father has become rather introverted and is not really interested in much. At the moment, the family, which also includes Paul's little sister, lives in Mongolia.

One day Paul breaks out of his pampered home. What he is really after is his father's attention, and what he get is a great adventure. Paul befriends Bataar, who has also run away from his difficult nomad existence.

Together, the two observe a gang of thieves and while on the chase after them not only do they get to know the entire country but also get into a heap of trouble. Then surprisingly they manage to outwit the gang and finally get the recognition they so dearly crave.

With Bataar, Paul discovers a foreign culture, the vastness of the steppe, and the freedom that allows him to leave his disappointments behind.
Genre Road Movie
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Caterina Klusemann
Screenplay Caterina Klusemann
Cinematography Batmunkh Purevdorj, Gonchig Batnyagt
Anja Lueke
Claas Willeke, Matthias Raue
Cast Vashik Pinos, Ajnai Erdenee, Josh Evans, David O\'Connor, Myagmar Rentzenkhand
Producers Elke Ried, Caterina Klusemann
Production Companies Zieglerfilm Koeln, Caterina Klusemann Filmproduktion/Berlin
Runtime 70 min
Format color
Dubbed Versions German
Sound Technology Mono

World Sales
Zieglerfilm Koeln GmbH
Regina Ziegler
Breite Strasse 100 / Auf dem Berlich 1
50667 Cologne/Germany
phone +49-2 21-2 72 72 60
fax +49-2 21-27 27 26 26