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Paradise is a Trap (Paradies ist eine Falle, Das)

Paradise is a Trap

Erik Prohaska is unemployed. But he can sing, play the guitar and move people's hearts. His younger brother Bruno, the disappointed trade-unionist Rudi and the cunning ex-pimp Goldi know this too. Each of them wants to use Erik for his own cause. As the manager of "Dr. Vox", Bruno gets wind of big show business, Rudi wants to wake up the sleepy trade union leaders at last with Erik's songs, and Goldi just wants to get hold of some cash. And what does Erik want: feelings. That's why he makes music.
When Bruno ends up behind bars, Rudi and Goldi sense their big chance. They start up Erik's benefit tour "Freedom for my brother" - for after all, poor Bruno must be saved from jail - for fifty thousand bail! Rudi drives, cleans, washes and goes around with his collecting bag, Goldi pulls the business strings, and Erik has to sell his musical soul.
Then Wanja appears and Eric finds love after all ...
Category Feature
Director Manfred Stelzer
Screenplay Manfred Stelzer, Gert C. Moebius
Cinematography Michael Wiesweg
Bernd Schriever
Lutz Kerschowski
Cast Florian Lukas, Inga Busch, Christian Berkel, Armin Rohde
Producer Christoph Benkelmann
Production Company Studio Hamburg Serienwerft /Hamburg, in association with NDR
Runtime 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Hof 99

World Sales
Studio Hamburg Serienwerft GmbH