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In shock a mother finds out that her two daughters hatch out an ingenious revenge plot to clean up the Village's sleaze balls, only to find themselves dirtier in the end than their lowest target!

Michael Moore says in his book Stupid White Men: “one day women will find out how to seize power and when that happens let us (men) pray for MERCY!”

NO MERCY is the story of two sisters and their single mother who don't show mercy! Still recovering from a deep shock after finding out that her two daughters Biene (23) and Pueppi (16) have decided to turn the tables on men, mother Hilde (45) finally agrees on joining the ‘bad girl combo’! Left behind with two kids and being mistreated by her lovers – as well as living in a trailer park – life wasn't easy for her in the past.

The sisters’ plan: let's seduce men, then play with them and blackmail the "target" to finally cash in some money... next one please!

The rule: only those men who are dirty dogs and have treated women the wrong way belong to the category “useful”... the good guys they let walk. Plus: "playing with men" means pretending that it will come to a "happy end" but of course it'll never go the whole nine yards...

The trailer home is replaced with a penthouse and even the mother realizes how much fun life can be. But watch out girls! What goes around, comes around! Two of their 'victims', frightened of becoming blackmailing targets for the rest of their lives, decide to bring an end to their disaster. No question... a killer has to take over and our bad girls will be in real danger.

What the killer (Baboo, 28), who has never killed before, doesn’t know is that he is hired to get rid of his dream woman. NO MERCY is also the love story of Biene and Baboo, who met in the beginning and have been trying to find each other ever since.
Genre Comedy, Love Story / Romance, Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2012
Director Birgit Stein
Screenplay Birgit Stein
Cinematography Wedigo von Schultzendorff
Cast Birgit Stein, Dieter Laser, Catrin Striebeck, Sylta Fee Wegmann, Sina Tkotsch, Helge Schneider, Tom Wlaschiha, Thomas Heinze, Rolf Zacher, Jan Fedder, Gedeon Burkhard, Jürgen Prochnow, Anna Boettcher, Ralf Richter, Tom Gerhardt, Tom Beck, Nina Vorbrodt, Christoph M. Orth, Gerit Kling, Hans-Martin Stier, Joe Bausch
Producers Birgit Stein, Roland Pellegrino
Production Company PS Filmproduction/Stuttgart
Runtime 89 min
Format RED, color, 1:1.85
Subtitled Version English

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