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Muratti & Sarotti - History of German Animation (Muratti & Sarotti)

Muratti & Sarotti - History of German Animation

Using a variety of camera and graphic techniques, this unique animated documentary traces the development of animation as an art - and commercial - form in Germany. The camera roams through a surrealist archive, with animated file drawers that open to reveal the stories and films of such artists as Hans Richter, the noted surrealist, and Walter Ruttmann, whose Berlin, Symphony of a City, started the documentary "city poem" movement. Towering above the rest of them is the brilliant Oskar Fischinger, whose marvelously animated musical shorts influenced Norman McLaren, and inspired Walt Disney to make Fantasia. In a near encyclopedic approach, director Gockell finds the time to survey the accomplishments of lesser-known, but exceptional talents like Peter Sachs and Oskar Fischinger's younger brother Hans. Moving from the heady days of the Weimar Republic through the Nazi period and into the post-war era with its divided German states, Muratti & Sarotti demonstrates that an art, once envisioned, can survive any political regime.
Genre Art, Educational, History, Animation
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2000
Director Gerd Gockell
Screenplay Gerd Gockell, Kirsten Winter, Susanne Hoebermann
Cinematography Thomas Bartels
Hanns Eisler, Arthur Honegger
Susanne Hoebermann, Ute Heuer, Holger Jaquet
Producers Gerd Gockell, Kirsten Winter
Production Company Gerd Gockell & Kirsten Winter Film Production/Hanover
Runtime 80 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Sound Technology Dolby SR, Dolby Stereo
Festivals Montreal 2000, Hot Docs Toronto 2000, Ottawa Animation Fest 2000, Hiroshima 2000
With backing from Filmfoerderung NDR
German Distributor Salzgeber & Co. Medien

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