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Scene from KLAPPE COWBOY! (photo © Prophetfilms)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2011

The ups and downs of low-budget indie filmmaking are the focus of actor Timo Jacobs' feature directorial debut KLAPPE COWBOY! which is currently in post-production after shooting in Berlin over the course of a year from August 2009 to October 2010.

Jacobs, whose appearances in front of the camera as an actor have included roles in Giorgio Diritti's THE MAN WHO WILL COME, Olivier Assayas' CARLOS, the collaborative project DREILEBEN, and GEGENGERADE, had previously directed the short 84 in 2007 as an entry to a 48-hour film challenge.

“I had shot five feature films with Klaus Lemke and was inspired by his approach to shooting,” Jacobs explains. “We had also worked together on the screenplays, so I got an insight into the filmmaking process. I had various ideas for KLAPPE COWBOY! and then brought a screenwriter friend, Federico Avino, onboard to bring everything into a narrative form. It was like having a puzzle and getting all the pieces together.”

The film, which has been financed out of Jacobs' own pocket and via deferrals from cast and crew, centers on the self-proclaimed directing talent Cowboy who comes to Berlin with the goal of finally making that great movie. Brimming with confidence, he takes every job that’s going, but this all ends in total chaos. Cowboy happens to know the artist YPS and shooting an art-porn flick with her stirs up an artistic hornets’ nest which far exceeds his amateurish qualities.

“The film lives from the comic situations and the flow,” Jacobs observes. “I told the actors the basic set-up for each scene, but didn't give them so much information so that the camera could move around freely and react to the actors. Naturally, there were surprises which are genuine and not staged. That's what will make the film so charming.”

Moreover, it will be fascinating to see how Jacobs' eclectic personal taste in films – from Harmony Korine's GUMMO and Vincent Gallo's BUFFALO 66 through Thomas Vinterberg's DEAR WENDY to the Marx Brothers and Peter Sellers – will rub off on KLAPPE COWBOY!

Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Directors Timo Jacobs, Ulf Behrens
Screenplay Federico Avino
Cinematography Ulf Behrens
Cast Timo Jacobs, Yps van Tule, Peter Koskowski, David Bredin, Adrian Dittus, Iris Sommerlatte, Tibor Taylor, Terri Laird, Kristian Wanzl
Producer Timo Jacobs
Production Company Prophetfilms/Berlin
Shooting Dates August 2009-October 2010

Pegasus Agency
Bleibtreustr. 38/39
10623 Berlin/Germany