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Hip Hop Generation with Die Fantastischen Vier, Fettes Brot and Sido, The (Generation Hip Hop mit den Fantastischen Vier, Fettes Brot und Sido)

Hip Hop Generation with Die Fantastischen Vier, Fettes Brot and Sido, The
Scene from "The Hip Hop Generation" (photo © Nicola Graef)

Like no other type of music, Hip Hop has considerably influence youth culture in the past years. Originating from the poorer areas of the USA as a predominantly black music culture, Germany has established its own Hip Hop scene over the past 20 years. The Stuttgart-based band Die Fantastischen Vier are, to this day, the pioneers of Hip Hop in Germany. Fettes Brot from Hamburg followed shortly thereafter and have also remained popular among rap enthusiasts.

What began in Germany in the 90s as middle-class rap, German Hip Hop has very little in common with the American Ghetto experience. Ten years ago, a new scene developed in Berlin. Gangster Rap was aggressive, provocative and polemic. Sido is one of the most important representatives of this scene centering on machos and masculinity and life in social hotspots.

But today, some 20 years later, German Hip Hop is still one of the most active musical styles around: a lot has changed, but it has survived.
Genre Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2010
Director Nicola Graef
Screenplay Nicola Graef
Cinematography Marion Reischmann, Birgit Handke, Alexander Rott, Tim Scherret, Felix Greif, Axel Lüttich, Oliver Vogt
Florian Miosge, Kai Minierski
Die Fantastischen Vier, Fettes Brot, Sido
Producers Susanne Brand, Nicola Graef
Production Company Lona Media/Hamburg, in cooperation with SWR/Stuttgart, RBB, WDR
Runtime 90 min
Format HDCAM, color, 16:9
Sound Technology Stereo

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