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Goalgetter's Ship, The (Schiff des Torjaegers, Das)

Goalgetter's Ship, The
Scene from "The Goalgetter's Ship" (photo © Heidi Specogna 2007)

In 1964, the island ferry Nordby was launched in Denmark. Three decades later it was taken out of service and sold: to the Nigerian football player Jonathan Akpoborie who wished to support his family with the money he earned playing in the German national football league.

He christened the ferry in his mother’s name: Etireno. Soon afterwards, the Etireno appeared in the headlines of the international media – as a suspected child slavery ship off the coast of West Africa. When it became known who the owner of this ship was, his club VfL Wolfsburg immediately parted company with its Nigerian striker. The footballer’s guilt was never proven.

The film reconstructs the events and uses them as an opportunity to begin a search for the protagonists at the time: What were the consequences of the fateful journey for the children on board the ship? How did life continue for the Togolese girl Adakou? What does the future hold today for Nouman, the young boy from Benin? What became of the striker’s career? And the ferry – does it still exist?

The accounts and meetings create a German-African story about dreams, life plans and the trading commodity humans.
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2010
Director Heidi Specogna
Screenplay Heidi Specogna, Kristine Kretschmer
Cinematography Rainer Hoffmann
Ursula Hoef
Hans Koch
Producers Jochen Laube, Lisa Groetzinger
Co-Producer Rolf Schmid
Production Company teamWorx Television & Film/Ludwigsburg, in co-production with Fama Film/Zurich
Runtime 91 min
Format 35 mm, color
 English, French, German, African Languages
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Locarno 2010
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, MFG Baden-Württemberg, BKM, BAK, Zuercher Filmstiftung

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