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photo © Bettina Herzner

350 years ago, the reformation of the Russian Orthodox Church turned those who did not want to follow the new religious currents into outlaws. The “Old Believers” officially lost all civil rights and suffered persecution: their villages burned, many were tortured and killed, some escaped. A few settled in small villages along the shore of Lake Peipus in Eastern Estonia, from where they could even see their homeland. There they kept the traditions, began fishing and growing vegetables and were forgotten by time and the world around them. Covering all seasons, the film portrays a rural community struggling to find a place in modern times, without giving up their identity.
Genre Society, Religion
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2011
Director Marc Brummund
Screenplay Marc Brummund, Bettina Herzner, René Fischer
Cinematography Bettina Herzner
Producers Marc Brummund, Bettina Herzner
Production Company Marc Brummund/Hamburg
Runtime 52 min
Format HDCAM, Blu-ray, color, 16:9
 Russian, Estonian
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Hamburg 2011, Tallinn Black Nights 2011, Berlin 2012
With backing from MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, European Regional Development Fund

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