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Ecstatic, The (Mast Qalandar)

According to the belief of ‘Sufis’, the mystical Islamic, ‘Mast’ is someone who walks the road of love to reach his beloved Saint, one who is in a state of ecstasy, absorbed in an inner rhythm of meditation and trance in his search for spiritual love. ‘Mast Qalandar’ was a Sufi Saint, who settled down in Sehwan Sharif in the south of Pakistan at the beginning of the 13th century to spread his preaching of love, tolerance and ecstasy. Soon he became one of the most legendary mystical Islamic Saints of the Orient. Those who are in extreme love with the Saint wish nothing but meeting Him in an obliteration of the conscious self and even give up their own existence to reach the Saint. During the annual celebration of reunion of the Saint with Allah, around one million devotees, from all over Pakistan, India and Afghanistan pilgrim to his Shrine at Sehwan Sharif in search of individual and collective ecstasy.

The film The Ecstatic experiences the traditional socio - cultural spirit of the ancient mystic Islamic way of life, far removed from fundamental tendencies, through portrayal of this gigantic and magical festival of faith and love.
Genre Religion
Category Documentary, Short
Year of Production 2005
Director Till Passow
Screenplay Till Passow
Cinematography Lars Lenski
Sudip Chattopadhyaya
Arib Khan
Producers Jan Philip Lange, Imram Qureshi
Production Company Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Runtime 30 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Rotterdam 2005, San Francisco 2005, Karlovy Vary 2006 (Documentary Competition)

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