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Do Engines Have a Soul? (Hat der Motor eine Seele?)

Do Engines Have a Soul?
Scene from "Do Engines Have a Soul?" (photo © Hans Albrecht Lusznat)

In 1908, the greatest event ever regarding motorsport took place. A car race around the world, from New York to Paris. All across the USA, Asia, Siberia, and Europe. Hans Koeppen from Berlin was one of the six rivals that took to the 20,000 kilometer long route.

100 years later, the filmmaker Wolfgang Ettlich and his team followed the racers' 'car traces' for more than two months. On the basis of historical records, they traveled on the same route as these car pioneers and betook a visual journey through time all around the globe. They looked at the world using the car racers' historical notes and experienced the culture and living with the upcoming technology of the early 20th century from the racers' point of view. Along the way, the team discovered how differently the dream of a mobilized society developed and how significantly the automobile shaped our world in the last century.
Genre Adventure, History, Road Movie
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2008
Directors Wolfgang Ettlich, Andreas Dirr
Screenplay Andreas Dirr
Cinematography Hans-Albrecht Lusznat
Julia Furch
Dieter Schleip
Producer Wolfgang Ettlich
Production Company MGS Filmproduktion/Munich, in cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE, RBB
Runtime 87 min
Format color, b&w
 English, Russian, Chinese, German
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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